Seafood Savers – a Sustainable Fishery Initiative by WWF-Indonesia

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Over the course of year 2017, we have been actively preparing and are excited to finally announce that in December 2017, we have officially entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Seafood Savers; a sustainable seafood initiative under WWF-Indonesia – Please click on the link below for our Seafood Savers Membership information (

Seafood Savers aims to promote sustainable fishery activities through joint efforts among various stakeholders in the Indonesian fishery industry. They support national policies that encourages development in local sustainable fisheries.

Seafood Savers refers to CCRF (Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries) FAO 1995 standards which are generated into ecolabel certification, Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) for fisheries and Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) for aquaculture. MSC and ASC are third-party certification type, initiated by WWF and its partners which aimed at setting up the maximum sustainable standards in fishing practices.

Together with Seafood Savers vision, Natura Seafood is committed to promote the prosperity of local fishery communities.

Our seafood is processed under the guidance of Good Manufacturing Practice (“GMP”) and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (“HACCP”) for international food safety standards.

We would like our customers to enjoy locally sourced, natural (Non-GMO), wild caught, sustainable, export quality seafood at affordable prices unlike what they can get right now in the local market!

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Seafood locavores, husband and wife team, Will and Tiya started Natura Seafood. Both having educated and lived overseas in Sydney, Australia and California, USA respectively. They understand the frustration and difficulties of obtaining seafood from a known trusted local source. The health issue of antibiotics and using chemical preservatives is still prevalent in the domestic market such as Jakarta city.

William on Pole and Line Tuna Boat

Will comes from a family of intergenerational fishers. Being a third generation fisher, he has over a decade experience of managing commercial fishery boats operations. His true passion lies on rural fishery development projects which focuses on creating meaningful impacts through improving economic prosperity of the Eastern Indonesian fishery communities.

Through his regular visits to the fisher communities, he implements hands-on technical guidance on seafood quality and sustainability criteria.


This is important for the fishers who will benefit from improved income through better quality and better catch prices.  This platform creates direct market access by curating various seafood products from Eastern Indonesian fishery communities directly to worldwide export seafood markets.



Tiya has always been a food lover at heart, who understands that a great dish starts from simple high quality ingredients such as a wild caught deep sea fish!

She recognizes the needs of the domestic market and is passionate to make affordable, export quality seafood more accessible to the domestic seafood space. Seafood as an important part of the Indonesian fishery community and should be appreciated for its diversity in origins and species

She is keen to make meaningful changes in the downstream industry by reaching out directly to retail customers in Food & Beverage industry through Natura Seafood’s boat-to chef direct platform. This direct platform allows Natura Seafood clients to pre-order according to their boats daily landings and special seasonal seafood species 

Natura Seafood boat-to-chef platform partners with exclusive chefs to curate innovative seafood menu using local wild caught Indonesian seafood from pristine waters of Eastern Indonesia